Recipe: Yummy Fried Mackerel in Turmeric and Curry Powder

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Fried Mackerel in Turmeric and Curry Powder. Fried mackerel fish with turmeric powder. The Best Mackerel Curry Recipes on Yummly Turmeric and curry powder look very much alike.

Fried Mackerel in Turmeric and Curry Powder Let's take a look at how these two seasonings compare to. Curry powder is a spice mix originating from the Indian subcontinent. Unlike the colorful spice turmeric, curry is known partly as a spice, partly as a sauce and partly as a cooking method, depending upon who is describing it. You can have Fried Mackerel in Turmeric and Curry Powder using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Fried Mackerel in Turmeric and Curry Powder

  1. It’s slices of Mackerel cut thick.
  2. Prepare 2 tbsp of plain flour / corn starch.
  3. You need 2 tsp of tumeric powder.
  4. You need 2 tsp of curry powder.
  5. You need 1/2 tsp of salt.
  6. It’s 6 cloves of garlic.
  7. It’s 4 slices of ginger.

Turmeric and curry are both often associated only with Indian cooking, but this is a misperception. Curry powder is a blend of spices that come together to give a warm and robust flavor to whatever dish it is used in. Traditional Indian curries get their flavor from whole spices that are toasted and ground as needed for cooking (and vary depending on the dish). But, our simple homemade curry powder is an.

Fried Mackerel in Turmeric and Curry Powder instructions

  1. Wash fish clean with water and dry with a towel. Prepare flour and seasoning powder. Rub some salt on fish first. Marinate fish with seasoning powder for 1 hour..
  2. Shake of excess powder to have a thin layer of seasoning coating before fried. Put in fish, ginger and garlic and fried for 5 minutes on each side in low medium heat and serve..

This mackerel curry is usually a lot spicier. In fact, more often than not it's red from all the curry powder added. I've toned it down a lot for my family but I do love the spicier In another pan, fry the mustard seeds, onion and curry leaves. Remove the fishbones and add the marinated fish and mango. Indian Mackerel/Bangda Fry. [Photograph: Prasanna Sankhe].

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