Recipe: Delicious Colorful Aloo Curry

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Colorful Aloo Curry. Aloo Kurma-Potato Kurma-Bangaladumpa Kurma-Side Dish For Biryani/Chapathi/Roti/Poori/Rice. Aloo curry (Traditional gujarati way of making) has special place in my heart since childhood. This curry always helps me when I'm running out of vegetables.

Colorful Aloo Curry I made this with pressure cooker, but you can easily make it in a sauce pan. This taste great with poori or bhatura. Typically served with pooris or Parathas, this aloo curry has a tangy, spicy and irrestible taste with Heat oil in a kadai. add cumin and mustard seeds when it starts crackling add curry leaves and the. You can cook Colorful Aloo Curry using 9 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Colorful Aloo Curry

  1. You need of Boiled Aloo,.
  2. You need of jeera,.
  3. It’s of cumin seeds,.
  4. It’s of curry leaves,.
  5. You need of Haldi,.
  6. It’s of coriander,.
  7. You need of salt.
  8. It’s of ,green mirchi &.
  9. It’s of lemon.

Aloo Paneer Recipe with stepwise photos. This is an easy to prepare tasty curry made with The recipe shared here is Punjabi aloo paneer masala with a creamy and tangy onion-tomato based gravy. wheat flour. however, aloo ki poori is prepared with the combination of wheat flour and boiled mashed potatoes to form a smooth dough. more importantly, aloo ki puri can be served as it is without and. Aloo Matar – Potatoes and green peas cooked in a mild creamy tomato gravy. Aloo Sabzi or potato curry is easy potato curry in onion tomato gravy.

Colorful Aloo Curry instructions

  1. Boil Aloo in a pressure cooker, take a pan heat it & add oil,jeera,cumin,Haldi,green mirchi. Now cut the peeled boiled Aloo chunks into pieces & add in the pan. Ensure that you don’t overcook. Just add salt & mix it well. Off the stove and squeeze lemon & add coriander (finely chopped).

Batata sabzi,Urulai Kizhangu Curry, Bangaladumpa kora, vegan potato curry, how to make aloo sabzi, aloo tari. Hundreds of Tried and Tested Curry and Tandoori Recipes. L'Aloo Palak è un delizioso e nutriente curry indiano di patate e spinaci. L'Aloo Palak è un piatto sano e veloce da preparare, ottimo se accompagnato con riso bianco o Naan fatte in casa (focaccine. Make this curry with whatever you have on hand, I used a mix of sweet corn and zucchini, coconut milk, and rice noodles.

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