Recipe: Tasty Salmon with Coconut Milk and Lime Sauce

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Salmon with Coconut Milk and Lime Sauce. Poached Salmon made exotic with a simple, amazing Coconut Lime Sauce!! Tastes like a Thai coconut curry sauce – but it's quick and easy. The trick is to caramelise garlic, ginger and lemongrass with a smidge of sugar before adding the coconut milk.

Salmon with Coconut Milk and Lime Sauce Garnish and serve: Take it off the heat and sprinkle with fresh chopped cilantro and lime slices. Creamy Coconut-Lime Salmon Tastes Like Summer. Trust us, you're going to LOVE the sauce. You can cook Salmon with Coconut Milk and Lime Sauce using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Salmon with Coconut Milk and Lime Sauce

  1. It’s 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk.
  2. You need 1/4 cup of fresh Lime juic.
  3. It’s 4 teaspoons of Soy sauce.
  4. You need 4 teaspoons of Fish sauce (don't skip this one, it's essential and sauce will not be fishy either!).
  5. Prepare 4 teaspoons of honey.
  6. Prepare 4 of Salmon fillets, 6-8 ounces each.
  7. It’s 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Season the salmon with ½ teaspoon salt. When oil is hot but not smoking, add salmon skin side up. Stir in coconut milk and bring to a simmer. This salmon dish is cooked in creamy coconut milk and zesty lime, it has a distinctive flavor that everyone will truly enjoy.

Salmon with Coconut Milk and Lime Sauce step by step

  1. Combine the first 5 ingredients in a sauce pan and using medium heat, reduce to 1/3 of a cup, about 7-8 minutes..
  2. Cook the Salmon in the olive oil over medium heat till done (3 minutes per side).
  3. Spoon the sauce over the fish and the salmon and serve.

Cook's Notes for Sugar Seared Salmon with Coconut Lime Sauce. I usually use white sugar here, but any sugar will work, such as brown sugar, palm You could use light coconut milk here if you prefer. It will, of course, make for a less creamy and less thick sauce. You could thicken with a slurry of a bit. Serve this sauce with sautéed shrimp or chicken, grilled pork chops, lamb kabobs or grilled salmon.

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