How to Cook Perfect Super loaded Snickers milkshake!

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Super loaded Snickers milkshake!. These indulgent Snickers Ice Cream Bar milkshakes are the perfect mini snack size. This Snickers milkshake really features all of the flavors we love in a Snickers bar: salted peanuts, caramel and chocolate! Blend with more milk until desired consistency is reached.

Super loaded Snickers milkshake! Het leukste van dit recept is dat het super simpel is om te maken. Kijk gauw verder voor het recept. Gebruik trouwens wel een goede blender of hak de Snickers heel erg fijn. You can have Super loaded Snickers milkshake! using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Super loaded Snickers milkshake!

  1. It’s 3 1/2 of snickers bars (normal size).
  2. You need 3 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream.
  3. You need 2 cup of of any kind of milk (full, skimmed, semi).
  4. It’s 3 1/2 tsp of nesquick chocolate milkshake powder.
  5. You need 1 of All the following are optional extras to be used as toppings. Caramel drizzle sauce, squirty cream, nuts /sweets..

Mijn blender had namelijk een beetje moeite met het vermalen van de Snickers. Ingredients: Vanilla icecream Couple of ice cubes Chopped up snickers bar Almonds Chocolate syrup. Mix everything in mixer then put some syrup/ crushed almonds over the finished milkshake to make it look pretty FOB Reference Price:Get Latest Price. Snickers Ice Cream Milkshake made with Snickers Brand Ice Cream Minis, vanilla ice cream, milk and chocolate sauce topped with chopped peanuts and chopped Snickers Ice Cream Minis is a great way to indulge this summer.

Super loaded Snickers milkshake! instructions

  1. Cut 3 of the snickers bars into small slices, about 1 or 2 cm thick. Cut the last half a snickers bar (… or put the whole bar in if you want a really luxurious treat!) into double the size slices of the previous slices you cut . This will ensure you have some chunkier pieces at the bottom of your shake(And who doesn't love those chunky bits?!? ) ..
  2. Add the milk, nesquick powder, 1 (just the one) cup of ice cream, and all but some of the chunkier pieces of the snickers bars, into the blender..
  3. Blitz everything in the blender until smooth and creamy. Ensure the snickers bar is not in clumps at the bottom and is fully blended..
  4. Once fully blended and smooth, add another cup and a half of ice cream (this will leave you with one cup of ice cream ) and briefly blend. Or pulse, if your blender has this function. Do not over blend, as this will make the consistency of the milkshake thinner..
  5. Add the last of the snickers and blitz until you can hear/see that they are in small pieces of bite sized heaven. I like mine chunky, but blend to taste. Just before your pieces are your preferred size, stop blending and add the last cup of ice cream and pulse in, to keep it nice and thick..
  6. And that's it! finish it off with the toppings of your choice. I like mine nice and simple… Although I never can say no to caramel drizzle! Anything goes! Add anything you like : cream, sauces, nuts, sweets, sprinkles, fruit, chocolate chips, and anything else you can think of!!! Enjoy!.
  7. Need a pick me up? Need a caffeine fix? Missing your coffee? Then add some kick start to your shake…. Make the milkshake as normal, but when adding the last cup of ice cream before you do so add a shot of espresso (which has been left to cool). Or if your out of espresso make up some of your usual instant (or otherwise) coffee, keep black, leave to cool, then add to milkshake and continue with recipe. Enjoy your super loaded snickers milkshake!.

Happy National Ice Cream day guys! Snickers are one of the most popular bars available worldwide and they taste incredible! Ever thought of making a milkshake using snickers? You do find snickers milkshake in selective caf├ęs and restaurants and they are quite pricey! Snickers' Big Game spot gives us a behind the scenes look at the iconic white dress scene from "The Seven Year Itch." Marilyn Monroe is displeased, so much so that's she's practically turned into a crabby Willem Dafoe.

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