Recipe: Tasty Vegetable beef soup

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Vegetable beef soup. Try Our Soup Incorporated with Protein Sources You Can Feel Good About Today. Whatever You Need, Whatever You Want, Whatever You Desire, We Provide. Add browned beef, water, broth, tomatoes with juices, carrots, potatoes, corn, bay leaves and garlic.

Vegetable beef soup Place roast in a large Dutch oven. Add the water, barley, onion, celery, salt and pepper; bring to a boil. Vegetable Beef Soup is the perfect cozy soup and such a good way to use up all those veggies stocked in the fridge! You can cook Vegetable beef soup using 14 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Vegetable beef soup

  1. It’s 1-1 1/2 lbs of stew meat cut into sm pieces(any meat or turkey).
  2. You need 2 cups of fresh green beans.
  3. Prepare 2 cups of baby carrots cut small.
  4. It’s 1 cup of red potatoes cut small.
  5. You need 20 oz of crushed tomatoes.
  6. Prepare 1 can of corn.
  7. You need 1 can of rotel(I used mild).
  8. Prepare 1 can of seasoned black beans drained and rinsed.
  9. Prepare 1/2 of onion chopped.
  10. You need 1 tsp of minced garlic.
  11. It’s 1 tbs of chia seeds soaked (optional).
  12. You need of Morton's nature's seasoning.
  13. Prepare of Salt and pepper.
  14. Prepare 2-3 cups of Chicken broth.

It's perfectly hearty and filling thanks to the tender chunks of protein-rich beef and abundance of nutritious vegetables. Plus it's a versatile recipe so feel free to replace veggies with others you may have on hand. Mix beef broth and beef stew meat in a large pot over medium heat. How to Make Vegetable Beef Soup in the Slow Cooker.

Vegetable beef soup instructions

  1. In a pan add onion and cook until soft. Add minced garlic and stir for about 30 seconds. Add stew meat, or your choice of protein, season to taste and cook through..
  2. While meat is cooking snap green beans, cut carrots and potatoes. Rinse them and put them in crock pot. Add corn, crushed tomatoes and rinsed black beans and rotel. Add about a cup of chicken broth, stir and season to taste..
  3. When meat is finished add to crock pot and stir, add soaked chia seeds if using. Add more chicken broth until completely covered. Stir cook on high for 4 hrs then on low until the veggies are cooked through and meat is tender..

This is the perfect recipe to make with leftover beef, or on the stovetop after your beef cooks, but you can also make the whole soup in the slow cooker. Taste of Home has the best vegetable beef soup recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips. Italian Beef Vegetable Soup This hearty vegetable beef soup features a ton of fresh vegetables, making it the perfect dish to use up all that summer produce. So many beef soups are watery and dull. The thing that sets this beef soup recipe apart from the rest is the broth.

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