Recipe: Yummy Adult Strawberry Milk with Whisky float

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Adult Strawberry Milk with Whisky float. Say hello to Adult Strawberry Milk, a strawberry spectacular your mouth won't want to miss. With the taste of juicy, ripe strawberries, the refreshing sensation of a cold glass of milk, and of course, the kick of a little vodka, this tasty twist on an old classic is certain to. Strawberry Milk Cocktail Float. by: Kitchen Butterfly.

Adult Strawberry Milk with Whisky float And then you're super bummed because you thought you finally had a reason to use up that random. Spiked Strawberry MilkMyRecipes. cold milk, salt, sugar, strawberries, vanilla extract, liqueur. Alcoholic Strawberry Sunshine Cocktail Float for AdultsStyle On Main. You can have Adult Strawberry Milk with Whisky float using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Adult Strawberry Milk with Whisky float

  1. You need 15 cc of Monin strawberry syrup.
  2. It’s 150 cc of Milk.
  3. It’s 30 cc of Whisky.

Put a Magic Milk Straw in a glass of milk.sip and taste the flavor! Great For: Lunches, after sports, with dinner, or anywhere I personally have not tried this product. However, my adult daughter loves this. I initially purchased this product for my grandchildren while on a trip.

Adult Strawberry Milk with Whisky float instructions

  1. Put 15cc Monin Strawberry syrup into glass, add some cube ice and pour 150cc Milk aiming on ice. Float 30cc whisky on top using back side spoon. I used Chivas Regal 12y on this time..

Strawberry Milk ejuice by E-Juice Vapor will make you remember the animated pink bunny on your favorite powdered beverage yellow container. Sweet strawberry milk filled with the flavor of fresh strawberries. Simply boil the strawberries and sugar to make a syrup. Strain out the solids and refrigerate the syrup. Whenever you're ready for a glass of sweet and creamy Strawberry Milk – just add the strawberry syrup to milk and voilĂ !

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