How to Make Perfect Milk Powder Burfi/Milk Sweet

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Milk Powder Burfi/Milk Sweet. Add to My Recipes (see Menu). To celebrate the festival of Rakshabhandan I have prepared Chocolate Milkpowder Burfi. This is a very quick sweet recipe which can be prepared within half an hour and it comes out very well.

Milk Powder Burfi/Milk Sweet Last week I tried it and served for guests at home, they all. Such an easy desert made using milk powder. Milk Powder Burfi – the aroma of cardamom and ghee is already giving me the vibes of Diwali. You can cook Milk Powder Burfi/Milk Sweet using 5 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Milk Powder Burfi/Milk Sweet

  1. You need of Sweetened milk powder-2.5cups.
  2. Prepare of Powdered sugar-1cup.
  3. It’s of Milk-3/4cup.
  4. Prepare of Ghee-1/4cup.
  5. You need of Cardamom powder-1teaspoon.

Feels like Diwali is almost here. Small sachet cheap dairy sweet milk powder. This is instant Chocolate Burfi, made with milk powder and few other simple ingredients and tastes just as good as the traditional burfi! Everyone must already have made their Diwali snacks and sweets.

Milk Powder Burfi/Milk Sweet instructions

  1. In a pan add 1/4cup ghee and melt.
  2. Add 3/4cup milk and mix with ghee.
  3. Immediately add 2.5cups milk powder and mix well without any lumps..
  4. Now add 1cup powdered sugar and stir in a low flame for 5to7 minutes without colour change..
  5. Once the raw smell gone. Add one tbsp ghee and mix well..
  6. Now add cardamom powder and mix well and switch off the stove..
  7. Now pour the mix into a greased plate..
  8. Decorate with almond and pista. Once cool down slight ly cut into a desired shape. And refrigerate for one day to get the tasty milk burfi..
  9. Enjoy the homemade milk burfi.

But if are still deciding on the sweets, then here's an easy one for you – my double layer. Milk powder burfi or fudge is one such dish. My love for this divine fudge gave me the idea to. Kesaria Milk Powder Barfi Recipe- Kesaria milk barfi is a popular Indian Sweet and dessert recipe. I made this barfi recipe with Khoya and saffron.

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