How to Make Yummy Tea Kanten with milk

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Tea Kanten with milk. Great recipe for Tea Kanten with milk. "Kanten (agar)" is a popular ingredient for Wagashi, especially in summer. It looks like jelly but it's made from seaweeds. This recipe is for sweet kanten of black tea served with fresh milk!

Tea Kanten with milk Matcha Kanten is a Japanese green tea jello. It uses Agar-Agar, or Kanten, as a thickener instead of the animal-based product, gelatin. I paired the Match Kanten cubes with sliced strawberries and a cheesecake parfait for a light and refreshing dessert. "Kanten (agar)" is a popular ingredient for Wagashi, especially in summer.. You can have Tea Kanten with milk using 4 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Tea Kanten with milk

  1. You need 200 ml of Black tea.
  2. It’s 100 g of Granulated sugar.
  3. Prepare 2 g of agar.
  4. It’s of Milk.

I made a check pattern Wagashi with less sugar Kanten blocks of milk and sweet ones of Earl Grey (black tea). What Are Agar (Agar Agar) And Kanten? Agar (or sometimes called agar agar) and Kanten (寒天) are a white and semi-translucent gelatinous substance, obtained from algae. It is a great alternative to animal or chemical-based gelatin.

Tea Kanten with milk step by step

  1. Ingredients.
  2. ①Put the 200ml of tea in a saucepan. ②Add 2g of agar.  ③Mix them. Heat it up on a medium flame to boiling. ④Turn down the flame when it boils. Simmer it for 2minuites..
  3. ①Add 100g of granulated sugar. ② Mix them on medium flame.  ③Turn down the flame and simmer it for 1minuite. ④Skim off the scum and turn off the flame..
  4. Pour the Kanten liquid in a tray. Leave it until it gets hard completely. Then put it in a refrigerator to make it cold..
  5. Crush it with a spoon or a fork and put in a cup. Pour cold fresh milk on it..
  6. Enjoy!.

The word "agar" comes from agar-agar, the Malay/Indonesian name. Japanese making green tea jelly,Agar Jelly drink ! Let's make healthy Green Tea agar jelly drink! Green Tea habit is very good for your body health, your mind health and your beauty !! You can buy Kanten powder at Japanese super market.

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